As DER continue to grow, Utilities are going to need more granular analysis on the value of those assets and the cost to deliver power to customers from every individual delivery point on the grid. This will require the convergence of commercial IT data with Utility OT data. At many utilities, that OT data resides on the OSIsoft® PI System™. PowerRunner, has developed an enterprise solution that joins operational data from the PI System with other utility IT sources, providing utilities with the granular visibility needed to support DER integration and associated financial transactions.


The PowerRunner Energy Platform is an intuitive, business-centric application platform that joins disparate internal and external, time-series data sources, resulting in a single source of accurate analysis across the utility enterprise. PowerRunner now joins PI System OT data from AMI, SCADA, ADMS, and GIS systems with utility commercial IT systems such as CIS, rate engines, and other financial applications through highly configurable data management and security layers.  As a result, key utility managers will now have access to highly-granular data for financial and operational analysis, in near real-time.


The convergence of both commercial and operational models in real-time will be necessary to determine the relative value of all transactions, and overall value of all DER and conventional generation assets on the grid. In the short term, this convergence will facilitate better DER valuation and infrastructure planning while providing cost-efficiency studies to support new rate cases. In the longer term, it is the pathway to what may well become distribution locational pricing, similar to wholesale LMP markets, which is essential to supporting retail energy transactions. (Read Press Release)