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Transitioning to Transactive Cost of Service

The proliferation of DERs and the emerging “prosumer” are rapidly changing the way electricity is generated, distributed and consumed.   This transformational shift in physical power delivery is beginning to turn the utility business model of the past century on its head.  For investor-owned utilities (IOUs), the historical, and, for the most part, successful [...]

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More Accurate, “Dynamic System Loss Analysis” in a Fraction of the Time and Cost of Traditional Static Analysis

With rapidly growing DER and distribution grid IOT, system loss analysis has become more important and more complex. Due to limitations on available data, traditional system loss analysis has relied heavily on extrapolated forecasts based on data from a limited number of grid components operating at peak demand. These forecasting exercises produce no more [...]

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Surviving in the Transactive Model of the 21st Century Grid

DER is changing the role of the utility to “Distribution System Operator” (DSO). In this new 21st century model, the utility, as grid owner, will transition to a combined 'electron traffic controller' and clearing house.  In addition to assuring safety and reliable electric delivery, the utility will have to record each physical transaction at [...]

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DER Valuation – A Necessary but Complex Exercise

In the past, growth of renewable energy has largely been fueled by tax credits and net metering. However, the economic benefits of these programs have been enjoyed by a small minority of consumers who have the physical assets and funds to build small scale solar or wind systems. Often, the additional infrastructure required to [...]

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