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PowerRunner Architecture Overview


How can PowerRunner help your organization?

What is different about our products ?

How do we solve your business problems?

Why should you use PowerRunner?


Our experienced staff understand the problems you face.

We posses a product suite that is truly Agile and facilitates RAD delivery.

Our products are built to specifically solve your business problems.

We deliver business benefit in days at a very competitive cost.


The PowerRunner architecture possesses 5 key components:

  1. PowerRunner can integrate with any data source (meter data, data lake, operational systems etc.).

  2. PowerRunner extracts, cleans and purifies your data, and can also substitute forecast data if a data feed fails.

  3. Our data processing engine is exceptionally fast due to our unique hardware configuration and Input/Output engine.

  4. PowerRunner has exceptionally good self configurable Data presentation tools (Dashboards, Drilldowns, Spatial..).

  5. All data contained in our systems is safe , secure and auditable through our exemplary Data Governance capabilities.


PowerRunner can provide your business with:

  • New business insights that can deliver, efficiencies, cost savings and additional revenue.

  • Our Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities can automate key operational activities that will save your company both time and money.

  • PowerRunner can optimize your real-time operational business decisions that in turn can reduce business exposure

  • PowerRunner integrates your data seamlessly into your companies business activities in a secure reliable and transparent manner.

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