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Meter Data Analytics


As water, natural gas and electric utilities continue to roll-out advanced metering infrastructures the volume and velocity of meter data is growing exponentially.  Billions have been invested in AMI solutions, yet few utilities have extracted measurable business value from these valuable data assets.

Solution - PowerRunner Energy Platform

Our PowerRunner Energy Platform provides users with out-of-the-box Meter Data Analytics capabilities and inherent configurable data governance and management functionality.  The PowerRunner Energy Platform is a big data solution that ingests, meter data from various meter data collection systems, such as AMI, MV90, AMR and scalar systems and joins it with other operational and commercial data sources to create a single source of truth across the enterprise. 


PowerRunner Analytics

The PowerRunner Energy Platform is a self-service analytics solution that empowers the business user with out-of-the-box analytics that accelerate time-to-value and configurable analytics that users reconfigure to meet changing business requirements.

  • Aggregate meter and service point analytics

  • Customer segmentation and heuristic analysis

  • Derived measure calculations

  • Report and dashboard configuration

  • Configurable rues-based and exception analytics

    • Data Filtering

    • Conditional Limits

    • Event Alarming

    • Notification and workflow


PowerRunner Benefits

  • Out-of-the-box meter data analytics

  • Real-time actionable information

  • Data governance and management across disparate data sources

  • User configurable analytics to adjust to changing business requirements

  • User configured multi-source data querying

  • Asset data aggregation and segmentation

  • User configurable dashboards

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