Multi Asset Smart Alarming

Exception Analytics or smart alarming  of smart grid sensors on the 34kV network

The challenge that  support engineers had, was to inform Operations that certain “ DA teams” were functional vs “DA teams” that were not and why.


PowerRunner Benefits

  • Identify problem assets before an outage occurs

  • Provided visualization of team member status in near real time

  • Maintain Automate Team configuration

  • Reduced alarms required for review by ~70%

  • DA Team Status is available to DA support group in near real-time

  • Analyze voltage readings and profiles at every meter


PowerRunner Northern IL including Chicago

  • 11,400 square miles

  • Covers 70% of the population

  • 3.8 million customers in more than 400 communities5,547 miles of transmission lines

  • 44,400 miles of overhead distribution lines

  • 55,600 miles of underground distribution cable

  • 1,300 Substations

  • 5,433 distribution circuits

  • 1.3 Million Poles

  • System Peak of 23,753 MW