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Network Model Validation

The process of maintaining an accurate distribution system network model presents a significant challenge for many utilities. The ability to automate this process provides tremendous time savings and assurance for the planning and operational activities that are dependent on an accurate inventory of network assets. As more smart assets and DERs continue to be added to the distribution system the physical location and hierarchical relationship of millions of assets must be maintained and validated to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the grid.

PowerRunner’s Network Model Validation (NMV)

PowerRunner uses advanced algorithms to perform meter-to-transformer mapping, identify phasing mismatches as well as topological errors. Our Network Model Validation solution is an automated machine learning solution that continuously analyzes the voltage profile of metered and virtually metered assets to validate the network model relationships of every asset on the system.


PowerRunner Benefits

  • PowerRunner advanced algorithms validate meter-to-transformer mapping, identify phasing mismatches as well as topological errors.

  • Automatically validate and update meter-to-transformer relationships across your entire distribution network with 90% accuracy out-of-the-box

  • Automatically correct inconsistencies in distribution asset electric parameters and identify circuit model errors.


PowerRunner Analytics

  • PowerRunner iterates though 15-minute voltage data at each downstream meter to create virtual voltage readings at unmetered upstream assets.

  • PowerRunner advanced algorithms perform meter-to-transformer voltage analysis to identify anomalies

  • PowerRunner identifies and reports data anomalies and gaps and provides recommendations to help utilities correct and maintain accurate network model data.

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