RevRunner is a scalable revenue analytics solution that provides a per charge analysis of revenues for each asset of the value supply chain. Whether revenues are derived from complex rate structures or indexed prices, RevRunner analyzes revenues by customer segmentations, rate class, contract pricing, seasonality or other user-defined attribute to create revenue reports germane to each business unit.

By layering RevRunner on top of the PREP framework, users can perform revenue analysis by any customer segmentation over any temporal period to calculate asset or customer class margins and overall profit and loss.


The RevRunner solution builds upon the PREP framework to provide business users with detailed revenue analysis over any temporal period.

RevRunner Business Solutions

Transactive Energy Settlement

PowerRunner creates physical and financial settlement calculations for each asset, including Distributed Energy Resources. Asset performance aggregated by supplier, DER aggregator and delivery point accurately reflects each asset’s net physical and financial position over the defined settlement interval

Unbilled Revenue

Detailed analysis of intra month unbilled revenue by asset calculated by the product of billing rates and forecasted or backcasted usage at the asset reduces unbilled energy estimation error and revenue restatements.

Profit & Loss Analysis

Asset forecasts and settlement volumes, combined with cost to serve and revenue rates at the most granular level, provide a daily Profit and Loss Report for each asset. Aggregating asset costs and revenues by defined attributes provides users with margin analysis at any asset or defined customer segmentation for any given sub-hour, hour, day, month or year.