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PowerRunner delivers real-time insights that supports business critical decision making that will strategically protect and grow your business.

Vitrtual Data

Bring agility to your operations

The PowerRunner Energy Platform is  designed to integrate real-time operational data and commercial data with full data governance and security along with a highly configurable presentation layer.


Deliver real-time

business insights

PowerRunner can provide your business users with new insights that can deliver, efficiencies, cost savings and additional revenue for your business. 

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Build a Smarter


Unlock value from your big data by joining meter data from millions of assets across the distribution system to create actionable information that supports real time operational decisions.

Check Out our Network Model Validation product

Network Model Validation

The Network Model Validation (NMV) application inspects the distribution network model, identifies and reports data gaps, and provides recommendations to help utilities correct and maintain accurate GIS and connectivity models.

Planning and operational activities that are dependent on an accurate inventory and relationships of network assets. As more smart assets and DERs continue to be added to the distribution system the physical location and hierarchical relationship of millions of assets must be maintained and validated to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the grid.

PowerRunner delivers real business value

DSO near-real-time situational awareness


As system load changes in response to weather our machine learning algorithms can provide DSOs with accurate forecasts that provides a DSO with near-real-time situational awareness.

Identify critical grid investments for tomorrow


Help identify areas of the grid with higher than normal losses and reduce the time it takes to perform a loss study from more than a year to seconds.


Save millions of dollars a year and even more in unnecessary infrastructure investments

Understand the Impact of Distributed Energy Resources on your system


Our system can determine the net value that a solar array or wind turbine contributes to the grid, when the power is used or not used, when it improves efficiency and when it is ineffective causing system congestion.

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How are we different

We Solve Your Problems

We start with understanding the business problem and developing effective business solutions

RAD & Agile Product

Other businesses use RAD and Agile methodologies but PowerRunner possesses RAD and Agile products.

Big Data Solutions

PowerRunner can integrate with any volume and type of business data,  process it and output results in real-time

“Using traditional loss analysis methods, it used to take our company well over a year to conduct an SLA at a cost well into six figures. Now we can provide a highly detailed loss study for any hour of any day, on demand.” 

PowerRunner Meter Data Analytics  unlocks value from your big data

Empower your business users with our comprehensive out-of-the-box analytical tools

Create actionable information that supports real time operational decisions.


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