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Unbilled Energy Analysis

PowerRunner can carry out detailed analysis of intra month unbilled revenue reduce to unbilled energy estimation error and revenue restatements.


Until the advent of smart meters, most utility meters were manually read monthly scalar meters.  Even though advanced meter infrastructures (AMI) is utilized by over 70% of US utilities, the monthly reconciliation of Unbilled Energy has not advanced. The often manual, tedious and error prone process of reconciling monthly revenues by " trip cycles" , which often overlap months,  still prevails at most utilities.

Unbilled Energy Analytics.png

PowerRunner Benefits

  • Reduce revenue restatements due to poor unbilled energy estimations

  • Eliminate manual reconciliation processes

  • Minimize data manipulation errors?

  • Reduce time it takes to close monthly and quarterly

  • Reduce resource loading by automating data calculations?

PowerRunner Analytics

  • Leverage AMI data to more accurately and efficiently analyze unbilled energy

  • Drill into service points with large unbilled energy estimations to better understand root cause

  • Analyze unbilled energy calculations by meter read date, bill date or month end date.

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